About CAMK

basic Policy

The Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto primarily features contemporary art pieces, offering world-class exhibitions from home and abroad, while conducting art research and engaging in educational activities. It offers an accessible and welcoming atmosphere that is open to patrons all over the world. The museum is committed to introducing artists currently active in Kumamoto and Kyushu Island, and aims to provide a space where other locally based artists can showcase their efforts to exhibit the extraordinary art and culture of Kumamoto both nationally and internationally.

  • Promoting the power of art

    As art is created by human beings, its essence cannot be separated from the familiar thoughts of everyday human life. Occasionally, art can of course stimulate to such an extent as to forever change the way one views oneself. By exhibiting such stimulating artworks, we offer our visitors the potential to transform themselves and the way they go about their lives.

  • Cultivating art appreciation

    Art is omnipresent; it permeates every inch of our living space. If we would only open our eyes we would see that art is not in some distant realm but is right here, right now. By experiencing one of the museum’s many programs, you will begin to learn how to incorporate art into your own life and let it live with you. Our educational programs provoke the insight that all things, even the city in which one lives, are themselves unique works of art.

  • Uniting people and designing cities with art

    Art has the power to unite the individual with a community. It is only through such forms as: fine arts; music; drama; design; fashion; advertisements; broadcasting and film that a city becomes a creative entity able to harness its own energy into a self-generating cycle of ingenuity. The Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto is using the art inherent in all aspects of our citizens’ lives to help make Kumamoto become ‘a city of choice’ as alluring as the artworks it produces.


June 1993
Planning for the construction of an art museum begins after the family of late artist Nobumichi Ide donates his major works to the City of Kumamoto
Kumamoto City Council announces that an art museum will be constructed as part of the Kamitori District A First Urban Redevelopment Project
April 1997
Kumamoto City government establishes the City Museum Construction Project in the then Cultural Promotion Section of its Policy Planning and Finance Bureau's Planning and Public Relations Department.
September 1997
Kumamoto City Art Museum Construction Analysis Committee founded to discuss the basic principles behind the new museum as well as its functions and activities
July 1998
Kumamoto City Art Museum Construction Analysis Committee releases its interim report detailing the construction framework for the art museum
March 1999
Kumamoto City Art Museum Construction Analysis Committee releases its final report, entitled "Design Ideals for Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto"
January 2000
Groundbreaking ceremony held for the construction of the Kamitori District A Urban Redevelopment Building, which will house the new museum
December 2001
Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto Ordinance enacted, establishing the Kumamoto City Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation as the new museum's governing body.
March 2002
Museum Establishment and Preparation Section established in the Policy Planning and Coordination Bureau (the current Planning and Financing Bureau).
October 12, 2002
Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto opens