Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto

2-3 Kamitori-cho, Chuou-ku, Kumamoto city, 860-0845 Japan

The museum entrance (Bipuresu Kumanichi Kaikan, 3rd Floor) is located a one-minute walk form the Tori-cho suji bus and tram stops. Please take the elevator from the sidewalk on the side of the street on whitch the tram runs, or the elevator.

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TEL:+81-96-278-7500 FAX:+81-96-359-7892 Opening hours · Closed


The museum is located in the central area of Kumamoto city. Please use public transportation whenever possible.

There is no parking at the museum. Parking lots near the museum are as follows.

JR railway

From Kumamoto Station to Torichosuji - 15 min. by tram or bus

From Shin-Suizenji Station to Torichosuji - 10 min. by tram or bus

Approximate travel time

  • Hakata-Kumamoto・・・・about 40minutes
  • Oita-Kumamoto・・・・about 2hour 50minutes
  • Kagoshima Chuo-Kumamoto ・・・・about 45minutes

Express bus

From Kumamoto Interchange on the Kyushu Expressway to Torichosuji - 30 min. by car or highway bus

Approximate travel time

  • Hakata-Kumamoto・・・・about 2hour 15minutes
  • Oita-Kumamoto・・・・about 4hour 20minutes
  • Kagoshima-Kumamoto・・・・about 3hour 20minutes


From Aso Kumamoto Airport to Torichosuji (Kumamoto City, central area of prefecture) - 40 min. by limousine bus

Approximate travel time

  • Tokyo-Kumamoto・・・・about 1hour 40minutes
  • Itami-Kumamoto・・・・about 1hour 5minutes
  • Nagoya-Kumamoto・・・・about 1hour 20minutes
  • Okinawa-Kumamoto・・・・about 1hour 30minutes