Art work

In this museum, the exhibition rooms are not the only places where art can be appreciated.
CAMK, along with four internationally active artists,
set out to make works that were unified with the architecture in various places in the museum.
In other words, your art experience begins the moment you set foot in the museum's entrance hall.

Ceiling lighting artwork, At the Home Gallery

James Turrell

Born in Los Angeles, California (USA), in 1943. Known as an artist of light, James Turrell creates mysterious ambients that stimulate not only sight but all five senses. The canopy in Home Gallery is his idea of bringing light into the library.

Book case artwork, At the Home Gallery

Library for Human Use
Marina Abramovic

Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in 1946. Marina Abramovic is known for questioning the meaning of communication in her performance and installations. She came up with the bed-like book shelves for Home Gallery on which you can really lie down.

Installation artwork under staircases

Yayoi Kusama

Born in Nagano Prefecture, in 1929. Since the 1960s, Yayoi Kusama has acted out dot paintings and avant-garde performances in many places around the world. At the CAMK, she created yet another mysterious space in the mirror room under the upstairs.

Light emitting diodes artwork, At the Entrance hall

Opposite Vertical on Pillar - 133651 series -
Tatsuo Miyajima

Born in Tokyo, in 1957. Tasuo Miyajima has been presenting a unique vieaw of the world with flashing light emitting diodes displaying numbers and letters. This time, he created a pillar of light at the museum entrance thet symbolizes a throbbing of the museum itself with many flashing diodes.