Building & Facility Overview

Building Overview

General Overview of Redevelopment Building

Building name
Bipuresu Kumanichi Kaikan
Primary functions
Museum, office space, hotel, commercial space, culture center, martial arts dojo, parking space
Site area
Building area
Total floor space
14 floors adove ground, 2 floors underground
Maximum height
Structural type
Steel frame, sections of ferroconcrete
Kamitori District A Urban Redevelopment Union
Azusa Sekkei Co., Ltd.
Azusa - Tanaka Joint Ventures
Kajima, Toda, Masunaga, Tatara & Katsumoto Joint Construction Ventures.
Construction period
November 1999 - March 2002
Roof :
Asphalt waterproofing, polystyrene insulation, cast-in-place concrete trowel finish , artificial soil (garden)
Exterior walls:
Lower levels / Granite, pre-cast concrete panel with cast-in tile finish 60mm x 227mm, extrusion molding cement board
Upper levels / Pre-cast concrete panel with cast -in tile finish 45mm x 95mm
Climate control
Heat source :
Gas-fired Chiller/Heaters(Two units with 750 RT capacity)
Low-temperature water collection freezer(One unit with 150 RT capacity)
Turbo freezer(One unit with 300 RT capacity)
Flue/fire tube boiler(Two 2,000 kg/hr units)
Waste heat recovery exchanger(One 883 kw unit)
Gas engine electric generator(Two 280 kw units)
(System combining gas co-generation from continuous electrical generators and cold water storage created by overnight use of electrical power)
Sanitation system
Water supply :
Elevated water tanks system (100 A incoming piping)
Water receiving tank/ Service water (One 88m³ unit, One 72m³ unit), recycled water (One 125m³ unit)
Elevated water tanks/Service water (One 35m³ unit), recycled water (One 12m³ unit)
Drainage : Four systems including waste water + general drainage interflow system (split flow in museum) , kitchen drainage, rain water drainage (a portion is recovered as recycled water)
Gas : Municipal gas (150A medium pressure + 150A low pressure)
Electrical equipment
Receiving system :
3 three-phase 22 KV lines (3-line spot network) (Current stepped down to 415V - 210V - 105V in super-high & high voltage receiving rooms for service to all applications)
On-site electrical generators : Emergency electrical generator One 1250 KVA 6600 V diesel engine

Overview of Museum Facility

Space exclusive to museum : 6,415.91m²
Shared space : 1,421.431m²
Total : 7,837.34m²
2nd Floor Basement : Fire Extinguisher Storage
1st Floor : Service Entrance
3rd Floor : Gallery, Storage Area, Administrative Office, Curators' Room, Management Rooms, etc.
4th Floor : Reference Material Storage
5th Floor : Art Loft, Kids Factory, etc.
6th Floor : Elevator Machine Room
Climate control
Single-duct Air Condition System(Gallery, Entrance, Storage Area, etc.)
External air handling unit + fan coil unit system(Administrative Office, Curators' Room, etc.)
Air-cooling heat pump + total heat exchange system(Computer Room, Management Office)
Electrical equipment
Telephone system : 30 incoming lines (Digital switching system, cordless telephones)
Restroom paging system : Two-way communication system and paging
display system installed in multi-purpose-*estrooms
Disaster Prevention Systems
Fire Control : Sprinkler system (partially composed of pre-action sprinklers), auxiliary fire extinguishers, interlocking waterline system, new gas fire control system
Smoke Control : Mechanical smoke control
Standard passenger elevator with 13 person capacity; handicap accessible;
machine-room-less Freightelevator4,500kg, W2.25 m x D5.0 m x H3.5 m (oneportion4.0m)
Crime Prevention
Security :
Security officers on duty 24 hours, room entrances and exits monitored by card reader
Surveillance cameras :
Installed in gallery, storage area, etc. (15 moving, 20 stationary)
Misc. :
Monitors installed in Management Office and Administrative Office
Electronic locks and passive sensors installed throughout

Facility Overview


Facility-wide specifications
Flooring : Beech wood flooring
Wall Material : Composite panels + plaster board base glass cross, emulsion paint
Fixtures : Moveable walls (nailing possible, feature picture rails) Wireless controls allow for gradation-free adjustment of both the ceiling lighting system and mini down lights; lighting rails, information system terminal
Gallery I
Ceiling height (meters) : 4.5m
Wall length (meters) : 87m(Stationary), 2l4m(Moveable)
Gallery II
Ceiling height (meters) : 4.5m
Wall length (meters) : 62m(Stationary), 154m(Moveable)
Attached Room
Ceiling height (meters) : 4.0m
Wall length (meters) : 21m(Stationary)
Gallery III
Ceiling height (meters) : 3.3m
Wall length (meters) : 43m(Stationary)
Nobumichi Ide Memorial Gallery
eiling height (meters) : 3.9m
Wall length (meters) : 23m(Stationary)

Educational Areas

Home Gallery
Flooring : Japanese oak flooring
Ceiling height (meters) : 3.3m
Fixtures : Book shelves (approx. ten thousand (10,000) volumes), 120-inch screen, video projector, etc.
Kids Salon
Flooring : tile carpet
Ceiling height (meters) : 3.3m
Fixtures : ball pool, etc.
Art Loft (Multi-purpose hall)
Flooring : Tile carpet
Ceiling height (meters) : 3.8m
Seating Capacity : 90 people
Fixtures : Rising flooring (1x2 m, H 20-80 cm, 36 panels), 120-inch screen, video projector, horizontal screens, various
types of hanging rods, spotlights, etc.
Kids Factory (Studio for children)
Flooring : Japanese cypress flooring
Ceiling height (meters) : 3.6m
Fixtures : Sink, lattice ceiling (w/ picture rail) , electric furnace, etc.
Meeting/Training Room
Flooring : OA flooring, tile carpet
Ceiling height (meters) : 3.0m
Seating Capacity : 30 people (classroom style)
Fixtures : 90-inch screen, video projector, etc.


Storage Area Front Room, Temporary Storage Area, Storage Area
Flooring : Birch flooring
Wall Material : Treated inorganic boards + Japanese cedar paneling (Oguni cedar)
Ceiling height (meters) : 4.5m
Door's inner dimensions : W2.5m x H3.5m
Service Entrance, Cargo Handling
Flooring : Inorganic poured floor
Ceiling height (meters) : 4.2m
Fixtures : Supports 1 1-ton vehicles, table lifter (3 m x 2.5 m ; 3 tons), hoist crane (2 tons)


Museum Information System
Allows visitors to obtain art works information through an intra- museum server